Thursday, January 6, 2011

Very Very Mid Night Hot Seen

Twelfth Night (or, where did the Caspian's accent go?)

Well, it was Twelfth Night complete. It felt strange to have weekend midweek, and it's almost time again, but that's life sometimes.

On Monday I was as familiar to Actic, the gym that I am a bit on the speculator. Fucking great facility, much larger than I expected, but still it was a pyttesal (in comparison) that we would pump in. Of course, it was hunters ; mto constantly between the two. Much was different, obviously, but small things, such as weights and bars made it was a little disorient, and I was aware that I was in a gym through the entire session, although they did not expect instructors clean. An instructor who was crazy nice, I must say. He alone was probably worth the extra cost of a gym membership to. = O)
But they had much better conditioning department, where both ellipticals and treadmills have separate rooms, so you do not feel utstirrad by those who find themselves in the gym. The free weight section checked we are not even on, for there is very seldom you go. Little småfeta I Vs. beefy steroid guys .... No thanks.
Well, have a few more days to ponder. Sheep see what happens.

Have followed the series "The Deep" on TV, and although I think between each section, "well, it was exciting like that last time , and it is really not the kind of series that you really like ", but then of course on Tuesday, and so when I finished looking at" NCIS, "so it would seem so ; naturally like to continue watching TV3 and where will it. And every single damn time I sit on the edge, is desperately in dumburksdosan and can hardly breathe until it becomes advertising break. So I will sit on Tuesday and stare, be so sure!

Yesterday I was at the hairdresser, which for once actually was acute. My hair looked like shit, with a six-month long outgrowth, tear peaks beyond saving, and the eternal horror to catch sight of new gray hairs. So it was with a feeling of "finally!" As I sat in the chair.
hair went the first, which was a heavenly feeling. I suspect that most of the hair would smoke, so when I told her to take what was worn, and more, so I was not thickened (haha!) when she measured the up over an inch hair.
When she first cut half, and I saw myself in the mirror it was like a before / after picture, with the worn, fuzzy unruly hair in one hand, and the cut, shiny flattened on the other.
Afterwards came the paint. Had intended to experiment a little with some other color, but I was so anxious to get the color that I like even gides try.
So it was the same as last time.
But when it was finished and she asks if I want it straightened, or attracted, I thought, oh, what the hell, experimenting now instead, so I asked to have it attracted.
It took a while, and it was not just side-hair that she was attractive, but she went through the entire skull. At first I was a bit skeptical, suddenly I was even more like my mother, but it went over pretty soon, and it was a bit of fun to go and buy buns with asglammigt hair.

In the evening I met up by Therese in town for only eat buffet at Ghingis, and then see the "King Caspian and ship the Dawn" (as it is known in book format).
food was terrible, as usual, good but terribly satisfying, and it was just that the dessert went down.
The film was well just as I expected. Exciting, but very distracting in 3D. I refuse to see dubbed films, unless they are signed (and then it's borderline), so there was nothing to choose from than 3D. For me who does not wear glasses for everyday use, it was strange to see the movie but the glasses on. And sometimes it was a little carsick warning when it was a bit too quickly. It was obviously not done that only 3D film, because it was rarely came against you, so I ducked.
And through almost the entire movie, I sat and wondered if Caspian was the same guy as in the previous film. At first I was sure, but after seeing him, I was puzzled. Then it went in waves, "well, that's him", "no, it is not "," yes, it must be ". I assumed of course that if they changed the actress, as they would naturally have chosen a guy who was so similar to the last as possible, which contributed to my confusion.
And I put on my jacket when the credits rolled that I could not see if his name was included.
It was not until I got home that I ed and found out that it was indeed he.
But then there remains the big question: Where took the Caspian's accent go? Hmm? Where is it? Very weird.

From the first film

From "Ship of the Dawn"

Maybe it's the beard that distract. And he is paler. And no one dialect.
And about a year or so older. No wonder that a girl gets confused.

Was going to make a Chronicle for 2010, but I do not. It may be next time.


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